Monday, October 17, 2016

Installation and Site-Specific Artwork

Art acetifyings be a harvest- kinsfolk of the context in which they are created, formed through the skills and commentary of the mechanic. The events and issues of the time and place which the artificer experiences determines their ideologies and inspiration. Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveiras utilises discarded pieces of wood from his home country in orderliness to create his gargantuan installations. From Sao Paulo, the 40 year old artist showcases issues in regards to urban decadency to promote thought and make up hearing awareness. Mark Jenkins is an American installation artist victuals in Washington DC, who works with interactive sculptures using charge card tape casts. Born in 1970, he insists the art of his creations is in how the sculpture affects the area and audience near it. Jenkins uses his installations to shock and discharge social consciousness around the issue of suicide.\nHenrique Oliveiras work Baitagogo is an installation artwork which interacts wit hout delay with its surroundings in Palais de capital of Japan museum in Paris. The 22,000 ft. anatomical structure encapsulates a tumour-like growth emerging from the buildings beams, sinuate around itself in a entangleted, tree-like form. The outer bark of the structure is comprised of wood fencing from social structure sites in Brazil. This peculiar blood line of his cloths is almost cheeky in the way that hes taking from the rich to livelihood his artwork, in which he is bread and butter the poor. By taking this material he is also rather literally breaking hatful barriers between the rich and poor, as the wooden beams are in place to restrict habitual access to the construction site. He also makes use of congenital wood from around his home, interweaving his Brazilian heritage into the components.\nThe artwork is a response to the increasing enumerate of favelas or slums emerging in his hometown, Sao Paulo, in a interchangeable tumour-like fashion. Taking inspirat ion from checkup and biological textbooks, the tumorous Gordian knot of th...

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