Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Allegory of the Cave - Darkness into Light

In the The apologue of The Cave, Plato adopts a talks between Socrates and Glaucon which describes his philosophical views on education, which is the difference between the intimate and ignorant. In this dialogue, Socrates passes his opinion to his school-age child Glaucon by using a metaphor. Socrates establishes a core out with a bunch prisoners are chain of mountains down on their legs and necks so they wont be able to trend and force to look upon the trend w all in all of the cave. The only affaire they can do in the cave is to watch the animate being found which it performs behind them by a group of hide people. In this situation, of course the prisoners couldnt subsist anything else outside the cave, so they conceptualize everything they have been larnn, told and look intoed is absolutely right and true unconstipated its not. Although it is in effect(p) a pretended story, but the theory from it could rove in our life curiously on education aspect.\n harmon ise to this article, Socrates mentions umpteen times active darkness and light which they represents the in spite of appearance the cave and outside the cave which also meaning state of material and realm of understanding. In the other words, the thing we see from the appearance wont always be what it supposes to be or true, just like the water could be deeper than measuring by your eye or the shadows of the puppet show which the prisoners seen inside the cave wont be the real. But how we know a thing is true or fate even it cant posit by your eyes? examine it. Socrates points it out that only when the prisoners flow from the cave they will watch out that all the things they seen in the cave were not true, they were all shadows. The reality is outside the cave. Lets fool that every time we learn a new companionship is like escape from a cave, or escape from ignorant, that means during our whole life, we have many caves to escape, and the only way to lay out the cave is e ducation, it is a key to unlock yourself from the chain and stand up to run. ...

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