Monday, August 26, 2019

Research Paper about Marijuana legalization - Criminal Justice Studies

About Marijuana legalization - Criminal Justice Studies - Research Paper Example This research paper is therefore important for identifying whether or not alternative responses to the social, economic and health issues linked to marijuana may be more appropriate. This research paper therefore proposes to identify the social, economic and health issues linked to the abuse of marijuana and whether or not the cost of decriminalizing marijuana is proportionate to these issues. I chose this topic because I have personally observed friends who use marijuana regularly. Some of these friends function no differently than friends who do not use marijuana. Some of these friends however appear to be lackadaisical and unmotivated and do not function productively. I found the disparity in my friends’ functioning interesting and wondered if the different reactions to marijuana use influence the controversy over whether or not marijuana use should be controlled by legislation. This research is conducted by a review of the literature on the pros and cons of legalising mari juana and the literature on the social, economic and health consequences of marijuana use. ... Significance of the Study 10 VI.Research Methodology 10 VII.Organization of the Study 11 Chapter Two 13 A Review of the Literature 13 I.Introduction 13 A.Public Opinion 13 B.Legal Issues 16 C.Economic Issues 18 D.Social and Health Costs 22 II.Conclusion 25 Chapter Three 26 Research Methodology 26 Chapter Four 29 Results and Analysis 29 I.Results 29 A.Semi-Structured Interviews 29 B.Questionnaires 31 III.Conclusion 35 IV.Strengths of the Research 36 V.Weaknesses of the Research 36 VI.Areas for Future Research 36 Bibliography 41 Chapter One Introduction to the Study I. Introduction An increase in marijuana use during the 1990s has given way to an intensification of the debate on the legalization of marijuana (Strang, Wilton, & Hall, 2000). Proponents in favor of legalizing marijuana argue that marijuana is harmless when used as a recreational drug and has therapeutic/medicinal value. Opponents of legalizing marijuana argue however, that marijuana should remain a banned substance since its use is harmful to personal health and to public safety (Strang, et. al., 2000). In more recent times the debate over the legalization of marijuana gained increasing currency with the medical community’s involvement. Within the medical community there was sufficient recognition of the medicinal value of marijuana to persuade some states to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Medicinal marijuana is said to be an effective therapy for pain, nausea and vomiting linked to chemotherapy, excessive weight loss in AIDS patients and can help patients tolerate the side effects of some conventional treatments. Convinced of its medical value, between 1996 and

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