Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hate Groups Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hate Groups - Research Paper Example Its main objective was to uplift spiritual social and economic conditions of African Americans. However, the group attracted many critics that it is supporting the Black Separatist ideology. The nation of Islam is not affiliated to any larger hate group but has interacted with many foreign influential persons. These include the dictator of Libya Col Gaddafi and Omar al-Bashir of Northern Sudan. According to Gibson (2012), the nation of Islam advocated for the adherence of the five pillars of Islam faith. It teaches faith, morality, mutual respect and discipline. They discourage premarital sex, abortion and the abuse of substances including the use of tobacco and alcohol. He created the malicious and ‘devil white ‘. Fard preached the coming of an overthrow restoring the superiority of blacks. This group holds that intermarriages or race mixing should be forbidden. Like other Muslims, they believe there is no other God but Allah but to them he came in the form of Fard. On an interview in the media, Fard explained that God used black mud to model a black man who was the first man. The whites emerged from a contraceptive measure generated by Yacub. Wallace further preached that according to the bible the fall of Babylon was symbolic to today’s America to fulfill prophesy of the book of revelation. NOIs ideology of anti Semitism is dominant in the organizatio n with its leader Elijah calling Jews greedy for imposing Jesus to authority. Farrakhan held a lot of prejudice during the early days of civil movement campaigns. Some of his remarkable words were when he called Hitler a very great man and Judaism a dirty religion. His biased remarks against Jews and whites attracted a lot of appeal from many African Americans. This racist ideology by Wallace spread fast, and he gained a lot of fame among the blacks. The United Kingdom forbade him from visiting the United Kingdom as the officials saw his as a

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