Thursday, November 21, 2019

Managing Product-Harm Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Managing Product-Harm Crisis - Essay Example What are substandard or defective products? These are products that are harmful and dangerous to consumers, therefore organizations recall such products. Recalled products are the contributors of product-harm crisis. According to Vassilikopoulou et al. (2009), product-harm crisis occurs as a result of having defective products that are harmful to consumers in the market. Though organizations seek for better and improved products, departments in charge of inspections in an organization may still miss to identify the defects of such products because of negligence. While the expectation is that running an organization comes with several ups and downs, having a product-harm crisis tops the list because of its detrimental effects of an organization. Organizations need to maintain their products’ based on the required safety levels. Consumers lose faith in a company if they find the product it offers is harmful. A harmful product is not only dangerous to consumers but also hurtful to the ecosystem. For example, milk spiked with melamine is not only harmful to human beings, but to animals such as cats and dogs. Therefore, organizations need to examine the factors that contribute to product-harm crisis because it affects it directly affects a company’s success. Yannopoulu et al. (2011) claimed that product-harm crises are crises because they directly control the media and the consumers. For example, the media spreads the news to the consumers in way that may influence them negatively. In addition, after watching the advertisements or news, consumers pay more attention to the name of the organization selling defective products or the defective product.

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