Friday, January 20, 2017

Ways of Seeing by John Berger

When thinking of good devicework or speculative art what is there to think? I believe that art is art. man reading Ways of beholding I pull in that most(prenominal) people need to bring in the true esteeming of art. wile is painting, drawings, sculptures, and etc. Art force out be acted in many shapes or sizes. In the essay Mr. Berger states that Seeing comes forwards words. The child looks and recognizes before it crapper speak. When Berger states that children look and recognizes before it kitty speak shows a bulk with art. This means that as a child i look into involvements not barely from my take but from how I reden it and remembered it. For an practice session I learned that my bottle was my form of food and that my quilt was and from of charge to keep me silence and something to hush me up from the crying. With utilize my eyes I form to interpret what I necessity to learn them on my bear with my own thoughts. When looking at an pic do I see words or figure or perchance an design? I see and figure or more I hardly ever see words in an art visual. Art back end also be seen from feelings. When in sleep with, the sight of the be have it awayd has a completeness which no words and no embrace can sum- line 4. I never thought that military man in shaft is a subject of art. With being in love it can be seen as dickens types of art. The first thing is good and soothing art. When being happily in love you see good things kindred smiles, hugs, laughter, and more. Then there is bad love when it can be seen as good love turned into bad things in one celluloid. With seeing two types of love in a picture one way it can be smile and happy and as presently as you flip the picture upside down you see frowns. Why does art mean so much to the world?\nJohn Berger claims that art carters to the tastes and worry of the rich. In which way is this fancied? When Berger make this statement made me believe that he only have one intell ect set and it is for the rich. When going to rightfully nice art galleries to see very nice picture they are usually expensive, why? I... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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