Monday, February 6, 2017

Film Overview - Sugar Cane Alley

In the Sugar call refine eitherey, ein truthbody including the kids do terrible corporal labor in the chou fields, with only one bearing out: Education. The workers pay is very hard to live pip of, and there is almost no other options for work for them. still the smartest would go to work in the city.\nThe overseers are very strict, and they eve force pregnant women to work. crimson though they arent slaves anymore, they dont have some(prenominal) opportunities available to them. They sing The moderate has without delay become the old-timer . They want new jobs outside(a) of the sugar cane alley, further most have no hope of making it out. precisely the kids can escape through with(predicate) schooling. They try to give-up the ghost town Hall jobs, and other jobs in the city. One adult says, learnedness is the key to freedom.  Mr Medouze also says, workforce can destroy lives, solely not recreate.  He is talk about how they were released from slavery, but now they still dont have lives. All they do is work in the cane fields for slim pay, and try to live sour it. When Mr. Medouze is dying, he says that when he goes, he will be passage back home to Africa. Its a home and heaven to him and where he would like to be. Jose explains this to the townsfolk when Mr. Medouze passes.\nLeopolds mystify doesnt want him hanging around Jose because he is poor. Even though Leopold is a mixed child, he is treated like a white because his maintain is complete and white. As Leopolds father is dying, the human says that he will not pass his call forth down to him. He said his name is not for a mulatto. This strips Leopold of everything. subsequently Leopolds father dies. Nobody prize him because he is a mulatto, or a mule . He only is respected because his father is white and rich, even though his mother is black. He is impeach of stealing something and is arrested. As they take Leopold away, the crowd sings, The blacks have no justice, and no money. \nJose Amantine is a unflagging kid who has the drive to get out of the fields. He passes the exams a...

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