Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Hotel of the Suicides

In the story The Hotel of the Suicides, the whole plat is based on the supposition of a place where entirely told plenty that prefer to finishing their life can help and have it done in the more than happiest or fit counsel possible. The story begins with a man that attended the hotel and he is being asked about the way which he would like to back up and all the details that could be taken into account. The man is truly unsure about what he really wants, what made me look at that he probably dogged to die just virtually hours ago a explosive base that crossed his mind. believably because he was suffering alike much about someaffair. He saw ads about the hotel and thence he vista it was the easiest way to solve his bothers.\nOne thing that caught my management is how at the commence of the story there is a line that says, ...the photos of the azure puritanical waters and the towering unripe palms that surrounded the hotel So, the hotel seems to be a place tha t emits comfort , happiness, joy, and all kind of feelings that ar not quite related with the idea of death, unless in a way works in order to call the attention of thickenings.\nActually the story tells that the hotel has tasty ads very powerful. One of this ads include a photo in newspapers of a man that had died sexually exhausted from the efforts of two bewitching companions that had been provided by the hotel. Actually, it made my wonder, how galore(postnominal) newspapers would accept to publish much(prenominal) photo. I destine more than one in this demesne would.\nThen, there comes a founder in which the man in charge of the hotel, who is a psychologist (I thought they were supposed to help people to overcome depression and such, but not relief the problems with dead), asks the client if he was forced to go to the hotel because if so, then they have a Client Defense discussion section that can solve the problem immediately. The man also says our connections are qu ite powerful, this made me think if is he talking or insinuating that they could solve ...

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