Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Research and Discussion on Business Crimes, Business Torts, and Essay

Research and Discussion on Business Crimes, Business Torts, and Product Liability - demonstrate ExampleOn the other hand, an unintentional tort usually negligence, is one based on carelessness rather than deliberate criminal activity, perhaps for stinting gain. Usually the claimant has to prove the defendant was negligence and this negligence was the proximate cause of his damage and/or injuries. However, in certain cases a substance such as a chemical may be considered inherently very dangerous and if it escapes and this cause damages/injuries a court may impose strict liability, subject matter that the claimant does not have to prove the defendant was negligent. Rather the defendant is assumed to be negligent even though the exact cause of the incident is undetermined, unless they shtup show an outside force such as a natural disaster caused the incident and even with the best loss prevention and safety practices on that point is no way it could have been prevented.A common bas is for a negligence action is premise liability. (Findlaw) A business must ensure that its premises is safe for its customers and others to reduce the possibility of slip and fall claims and injuries/damages resulting from other hazards. For example, grocery stores must try to keep their floors clear of fallen produce. Those stores in states habituated to severe winter conditions must ensure their parking lots and sidewalks are regularly cleared of hazardous snow and ice. Other hazards that could give rise to prospering liability claims are inadequate lighting, too narrow aisles especially with heavy stock piled nearby which could fall on customers, stairs without proper handrails, too dunk risers, poorly maintained or without warning signs and/or contrasting colors to mark their presence.The duty of a frontline manager in a retail spill is to anticipate possible hazards on his premises and promptly take steps to eliminate them or at least to reduce them as much as possible. Dep ending on the hazard, this can be achieved in

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