Friday, October 4, 2019

Diagnosing Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Diagnosing Organization - Essay Example A recent study with regards to organizational performance links effectiveness with that of organizational performance. The study also states that every organization is based on a specific function which is derived from its organizational goals. The authors define effectiveness in this context as â€Å"the level to which an organization achieves its goals† (Lusthaus, Inter-American Development Bank & International Development Research Center, 2002, p.109). The degree to which an organization shows its effectiveness in meeting its goals depends on the employees of an organization to a very large extent. The employees of an organization are considered to be its greatest assets. The ability of the organization to meet its organizational goals depends on the ability of the employees to provide efficient results to the organization. The effectiveness of the employees depends on the motivation level of the organization. A motivated employee is known to act more efficiently which is essential for organizations to achieve their goals. Every organization operates in a suitable environment. The environment in which an organization operates has direct consequences on its efficiency in meeting its business goals. A few aspects of organizational environment are as follows- Competitive environment of an organization was analyzed by Michael Porter who opined that an organization is affected by five factors with regards to competitions in the business markets. These five factors are stated below- The extent of influence of these five forces defines the competitive framework of any organization. Organizations thriving for excellence must ensure that a fair balance of the above stated five forces is maintained. This helps in achieving sustainable competitive advantage for the organization (Ahlstrom, Bruton, 2009 p.132). Organizational efficiency and performance depends on the manner with which an organization takes care of the above stated factors. Effective handling

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