Friday, July 26, 2019

Final research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Final research - Essay Example In the opening line of Tomson’s play â€Å"The Rez Sisters†, the character Pelajia says, â€Å"Philomena, I want to go to Toronto†. Pelajia is a Native girl; a reservation resident who immediately pulls audiences into the story because it’s clear she wants to leave her life on the reservation in favour of the multicultural, urban existence of Toronto. Tomson, a Native himself, understands how the pull of the great urban multicultural centre can take a young Native out of his or her home; primarily he understands that this is because many Natives feel segregated and essentially sidelined to life itself, and to cultural awareness and individual expression. This is one of many ways that Tomson has decided to explore and write about Canada as a multicultural nation: his idea of this idealistic notion is basically positive but in this play he pays tribute to the fact that many people, although integral parts of the nation’s multicultural society, feel le ft out of Canadian culture and lifestyle on the whole and seek to explore multiculturalism from their own perspective. â€Å"On the Rez† is ambiguous in that it clearly represents a multicultural nation but it also represents a segregated part of society that often has little recourse to the ethnic differences of an entire nation of people. The multicultural Canada theme continues into Tomson’s other works, most markedly in â€Å"Kiss of the Fur Queen† and â€Å"My Canada†. The first is a story that follows Native boys during their enrolment at a reservation school in Manitoba. Aside from using the major themes of child abuse and segregation, this story also touches on the theme of a multicultural Canada. Instead of showing the idealistic side of a multicultural society, â€Å"Kiss of the Fur Queen† actually delves into the darker side of Canadian history and portrays how people originally dealt with cultures that were

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